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A Trip to Kangaroo Island

Chad Han Yixian
Chad Han Yixian
Chad Han Yixian is a Singaporean blogger studying Nutrition at Flinders University. Chad is one of those larger-than-life students who believes in working hard and playing harder.

Hey everyone!

This is my first blog after mid-semester break. It is getting really busy now, with all the assignments and projects around. Some people are lucky enough to say: “Yeah, I submit my last essay next week, and that’s me. Don’t have any exams or anything.” Unfortunately, this is not my case, so I have a huge pile of assignments and exams. And the end of the year is swiftly approaching. That is sad.

I did have a whole lot of fun on mid-semester break though.

First thing I did is I went to Victor Harbour with Flinders University photography club for a day.

We were really lucky to get good weather on the day because it was cold and wet before and after that day. However, we spent an amazing day walking around Granite Island. In addition, there was some kind of retro cars meeting up; it was quite interesting to look at those old Fords and Corvettes.

I thought I took a lot of pictures (around 120) until my friend said that she had her camera full of over 1200 images! After this, our photography club used some of our pictures for an art exhibition we had on-campus.

After that, ta-da, there was something I had been waiting for a long time!

A three day trip to Kangaroo Island organised by ISSU with 20 other students.

It was too great to be able to fully describe it. There were two bad things about it; first one – we were supposed to leave the university at 6:15 am. The other one – the trip was too short! However, it was awesome.

Even on the way there, it was amazing. While being on the ferry, we saw some dolphins swimming around it. We did all sorts of fun stuff, such as sand-boarding, hiking, walking around beautiful remarkable places, having a campfire in the evenings. We had some llamas and kangaroos in our back yard on the farm we lived.

The most remarkable place we went to was the last one – a farm with lots and lots of animals. We got not only to pet kangaroos there but to hold them (big ones) and bottle feed them. It was really funny when the farmer without a word, quickly took a kangaroo and put it in the hands of some girl. She was shocked for a bit.

We got to meet parrots, emus, possums, snakes, peacocks, some sort of deer, and my favourite of all – koala, amazing, slow teddy bear. I did not get to meet any dingoes though. That was the very first question my friend asked me: “Have you seen any dingoes?” Guess it is not only hard to get a puppy-dingo for my friend but also hard to see it. Oh well, I have some time to do that.

In short, if you are in South Australia, get a tour to Kangaroo Island. That is going to be an experience you will not forget.

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