Road Trip!

Chad Han Yixian
Chad Han Yixian
Chad Han Yixian is a Singaporean blogger studying Nutrition at Flinders University. Chad is one of those larger-than-life students who believes in working hard and playing harder.

So I think I spent a bit too much visiting my cousins and nieces over the term break and had no more money left for the Grampian trip organised by ISSU. So, my group of friends and I decided to go on our own little road trip! Just 2 days and 1 heck of a night in the wild outback of Flinders Ranges.

We rented a car from Thrifty and zoom zoom!! Off we go!! We drove past a lot of towns and man, we are so careful because some of them really looked like a set of a Freddy movie!!

After five and a half hours of driving, we finally arrived at Flinders Ranges. I really like Australia’s natural terrains. The plants are so short and you could see really far away just standing at one spot. The night where we camped, ate camp food and slept in a tent! I swear there were animals lurking around our tents that night. Paul woke all of us up in the middle of the night around 2 am and there were sounds of animal tracking.

The night where we camped, ate camp food and slept in a tent!
This is the very definition of a beautiful morning. Oh, I so don’t mind waking up to this every morning. It’s awesome man, you just have to be here yourself!
All of us tying our shoelaces to make sure that we don’t sprain our ankles yo!!
And here’s a group photo during the climb. I like how this looks like we are all going to fall off the edge anytime hahahaah.
And here we are at a very very high peak! AND OMG… 3 has a really good signal and I managed to skype with my friend from Singapore. Isn’t that amazing?!

Overall I found this trip really refreshing and recharging. I’m a city boy, already struggling here in the suburbs of Adelaide. Going to the outback really let me see another side of the world other than the skyscrapers that I’m used to.


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