On the Road Again

Chad Han Yixian
Chad Han Yixian
Chad Han Yixian is a Singaporean blogger studying Nutrition at Flinders University. Chad is one of those larger-than-life students who believes in working hard and playing harder.

Hi guys.

So during the holidays, I drove to Geelong, Melbourne in my (old, but trusty) Ford Falcon, to visit my cousin and nieces who reside there. A friend of mine came from Singapore to visit me and we decided to take on the great ocean road back to Adelaide.

Okay, there were a couple of events that happened on the way back.

We took many wrong turns because the GPS system wasn’t receiving very well on the great ocean road (Top tip: map out before you leave guys. Don’t expect city kind of reception on coastal roads). Out of them, there was one wrong turn that nearly killed us.

Most Australian highways in the country are two-way without a physical barrier in the middle. So, we did a U-ey (an Aussie slang for a U-turn) on one of the roads in Portland.

Instantly, we saw incoming cars waving to us and giving us the high beam with their headlights. At first, we thought they were being friendly, then we saw two cars coming straight at us, I thought the car was trying to overtake, but it turned out it was a one-way road. Anyway, I took a left turn to avoid a collision and we ended up on a muddy grass patch.

My two-wheel drive was stuck and we couldn’t get out. My friend got out of the car and tried to push, but it wasn’t any help. After five minutes of waving, a kind soul with a four-wheel drive finally pulled over, tied a rope to the back of my car and got us out of the mud. CRISIS AVERTED.

I heard from the guy that rescued us that we were on the local radio. Other than the fact that it was super embarrassing, that topped the chart of my near-death experiences (putting the time that I was nearly knocked down by a train in Malaysia to second). I was lucky I didn’t pee in my pants or worse, die!

Lesson learnt: always check if it’s a one-way road before you do a u-turn!

We dropped by the Twelve Apostles, Thunder Cave and Mount Gambier on the way back.

Eventually, we arrived in Adelaide, got off the car at Westfield Marion (a local shopping centre) for some food. Then we found a dead parrot sitting in my front bumper with its head sticking out. I admit that I got a shock from that. Not that I had a road kill, but that I have been driving with a dead parrot hanging out from the front of my car from Port Campbell à Mount Gambier à Adelaide.

Here’s a photo of the parrot:

We gave it a proper burial and said some prayers after that. 🙁 May you find peace in heaven birdie.

So guys and girls, I would like to advise you to adhere to speed limits (which I did), remember to turn on the high beam lights while driving at night on the country roads in Australia and read all the signboards on the road because they could possibly save the lives of animals and you!

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