Have You Met Prestine?

Prestine Davekhaw
Prestine Davekhaw
Prestine is from Penang in Malaysia and is majoring in Advertising at Chicago's DePaul University.

Hello everyone and hello to my very first blog entry on i-studentglobal!

My name is Prestine Davekhaw, currently an international student at DePaul University, pursuing a major in advertising and minor in media and cinema studies.

I am from Penang, Malaysia and came all the way here to the United States to learn more about myself and the world. I originally wanted to do a study abroad in Taiwan when I freshly graduated from high school, but then someone came into my life and told me “Hey, I think the United States may be great for you!” I thought about the idea of getting higher education in the States for two weeks. Two whole weeks! In the end, I accepted the challenge, took intensive English courses right after that, and enrolled in a local international college to do an American Transfer programme. The next thing I knew, I was on my way heading to the Windy City – Chicago, Illinois.

Attending school in the states has been great especially in a big city like Chicago. I love DePaul and it has been treating me well.

Study abroad can be difficult but it is the most valuable experience in my life. I have been here for ten months, yet still struggling with the language and American culture. Despite that, I enjoy every moment here – the good and bad.

Alright, since I am new here, I shall tell you more about myself!

In fact, ten random facts about me 😉

  1. I am one of the Global Ambassadors at DePaul University!
  2. I love creative advertisements, experimental and avant-garde short films so much that I spend a magnificent amount of my time exploring them. Say, 21 hours a week.
  3. I enjoy reading philosophy and ancient Roman poems – I never really understand them but I find them beautiful.
  4. I enjoy listening to French music too. Again, I never understand a single word from the music but the language and music are simply gorgeous.
  5. My ultimate goal in life is to please myself in every way I could by following my heart at all times.
  6. I cannot spell tomroow… tomorrow.. tommorrow? So I use “tmro” all the time.
  7. I ate bees once in my life and got food poisoned! That would be my last bizarre food experience in life.
  8. I cannot pronounce the word “beach”. When I could, it always sounds more like “b****”
  9. [can not think of any]
  10. [can not think of any]

Well, I hope all of you like my first introductory post on i-studentglobal! I look forward to communicating with everyone over the world. Ciao~!