Thrill Seeking in Canada!

Zain Shafique
Zain Shafique
Zain Shafique is a computer programming student from Pakistan. He is studying at Durham College, on the southern border of Canada.

I have been living in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) for quite a while now. I must say Canada is among one of those places where you can’t predict what you are going to experience the very next hour.

How many times it happens that you are standing in front of your room window and feeling the warmth of shining sun as you can see the beautiful rays coming through the window glass, but the moment you step outside, it doesn’t take long to realize that you were better off watching the sun from inside your house. Not only that, it can be the other way around as well!


Similarly, when you go out to discover a place or try some new activities that you haven’t done, you never know how that experience could turn out for you. I have tried a lot of Canadian stuff, but still, there are some things which I would love to try on Canadian soil.

In winter time, people want to stay home and stay warm. But some people want to stay out and enjoy the moment, even though it’s very cold. Snowboarding and skiing in Canada are some of the major winter activities in Canada. So snowboarding or skiing is one of those things that I would love to try on any Canadian mountain.

Niagara Falls and the CN Tower are those landmarks in Ontario where at least every Canadian living in GTA has visited once. I have been to these places as well. I went to Niagra Falls with my cousins, like in these photos. But we’d stayed at a safe distance. I’ve never been to the very top or the very edge.

So edge-walking at the CN Tower and riding the ‘Maid of the Mist‘ at Niagara Falls is included in my future adventure list. I just want to feel the intensity of the moment at which I am almost at the top of Toronto facing the sky just above me and fighting with the wind in order to stay strong and contended.


My last, but definitely not least task is to be in a Camaro, on my way to Florida.

I have a passionate love for driving and when it comes to discovering new places on my own, a thoughtful long drive to the USA from Canada, in a reasonably dependable vehicle can’t be neglected at any cost. I just want to experience the difference of crossing borders in North America as compared to my home in Pakistan. And most importantly what it feels like to drive on both sides the North American countries.

Like I said you never know which experience will be a memory of a lifetime. Before I leave Canada these are the few wishes that I would like to do and hope to fulfil before the completion of the last moments of mine in this beautiful country.