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Zain Shafique
Zain Shafique
Zain Shafique is a computer programming student from Pakistan. He is studying at Durham College, on the southern border of Canada.

Being on the radio for me is something that I have never thought of before, but I have always wanted to do something different.

The first encounter with the radio studio that I had was a few years back in my home country when I became a part of UNICEF ongoing projects for the flood victims back in Pakistan. At first, it was just a part of the project, I never got involved that much in the beginning. But after participating in a couple of shows I slowly began to be mesmerized by it. After a while, it seemed pretty exciting and fun at the same time.


Talking in front of the microphone while no one is looking can be a little frustrating in the beginning. I know for me it was, sure.

Honestly speaking, I was so nervous when I got to the studio for the first time. It was probably the overall surrounding effect. It was a big vacuum room with some fancy looking gadgets. Like I said it was a mixed feeling of nervousness and a little bit of excitement as well – and that’s probably the thing I enjoy!

When I came to Canada, I was a bit unsure about what to do as I was in a whole new system, but things got better gradually as I began to meet new people and started to go for different opportunities.


Coming to the campus radio station, Riot Radio was never actually a properly planned strategy.

I was just walking down the hallway so I just stopped by the radio station. There, I was told about the auditions that were being conducted by Riot Radio. I thought it could be fun if I just, kind of, at least tried it.

In my auditions, I presented the idea of hosting a show for the international students and addressing the issues that most of the students face, as there is a huge population of international students currently studying in UOIT and Durham College. I had some intentions of making their life a little bit easier by guiding them about different possibilities.

This actually re-triggered my inside radio lover. I went to the auditions, presented my idea and guess what? They loved it as this type of show was never on air before! When I got the final confirmation after passing a test, I was actually pretty excited about it.

Now comes the big day, my first show was about to go on air and I started to get a bit nervous about it.

I had not been in touch with this radio business for a long time, but I had all the enthusiasm for this show because I really wanted it. But still, it was the radio effect which was happening all over again.


Finally, I walked into the studios after convincing myself to stay calm and relaxed. When the show began, I kind of remembered my previous encounters and just after a little while I could actually feel it was all coming back. So, I won’t say the show went awesome, but people sort of liked it.

That is my experience so far and after doing my first show I am feeling very confident for the upcoming ones. I hope it gets better eventually because now I know that I like doing all this.

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