LatestI'm Chloe. Nice to Meet You!

I’m Chloe. Nice to Meet You!

Chloe Jiang
Chloe is a Chinese student studying food science at the University of Otago. She doesn't find learning English very easy, but we think she's doing great!

Hello everybody, my name is Chloe.

I’m so happy that I can write something about me and my life here and share it with you.

Through this, I hope I can make more friends. I’m an international student from China and I study at the University of Otago in New Zealand. I have already lived in Dunedin for 7 months.

Chinese international student Otago alpaca

Although there are so many differences between Dunedin and my hometown, I adapted to the lifestyle here very well.

I love the ice cream from Rob Roy Dairy and I buy fish and chips sometimes.

The best thing is that I saw the lively seal, penguins and alpaca in New Zealand. This is really a fabulous experience that I can tell my family and friends about very proudly! Haha!

I’m now studying Food Science at Otago University. Before I came here, I had some knowledge about this major, so I thought it wouldn’t be very hard if I studied here. However, I found that English is the most difficult part of my studying and obviously the uni life won’t be easier either. So I aim to use English as well as a native speaker as soon as possible. I hope it won’t be too long.

Otago international students seal animals new zealand

As I study Food Science, I certainly like cooking, studying different kinds of cuisines and taking photos of delicious dishes.

I also like Music very much. I can play a Chinese traditional music instrument and of course, I like to listen to different kinds of music. Sometimes I imitate the dances from the music videos, but without the professional actions.

This is Chloe. How do you think of me? Do you want to make friend with me? And do you want to help me correct the mistakes I made in using English?