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A Photo Tour of Durham College

Trevor Fernandes
Trevor Fernandes
Trevor Fernandes has gone from India to Canada to study environmental technology. He's interested in the Earth's natural resources like drinking water.

Let me guide you step by step and give you a virtual tour of my campus. As you enter the college you will first see:

The Student Services Building

Durham College Canada Airplane Building

Also known as the ‘airplane building’. It got this name due to its unique state of the art appearance and design. The entire structure looks like the wing of an airplane. This structure provides a one-stop shop for students to get their queries resolved and avail any services. Amongst the many, you would find the following that would definitely be of interest to you:

  1. Career Services – assists in interviewing skills and creating a resume. I got my resume almost completely re-written after I was advised the Canadian way of writing a resume. Hired portal is a job search engine for DC students and recent grads that is managed by Career Services. Check out the Durham Career Services.
  2. International Office – Five mentors at the international office with Dr. Fiona Richards as the Director. Working together with Johnene and Sarah to provide assistance to the international students.
  3. SALS (Student Academic Learning Service) – Is a service to support you in your courses that you need extra help with. There is peer tutoring and one on one sessions with people more than willing to help you in your academics.

The Student Centre


This is a hangout place for students during and after college hours. There is a restaurant, a pool table and room to play your PlayStation.

The Gordon Wiley Building


Here you would find the following:

  1. The Computer Commons – Over 100 computers both Mac and PC with scanners and printers at your service.
  2. The RIOT Radio – One of a kind audiovisual radio station nurturing future radio jockeys like our very own mentor Zain Shafique who is volunteering as an RJ at the RIOT radio.
  3. The Pit – Oh! this is the place where you will find the legendary piano where anyone can spend hours relaxing while playing a melodious tune.
  4. The CSD (Centre for students with disabilities) – Durham College provides assistance to students who are temporarily or permanently disabled.

Food on campus

Initially, I used to pack my lunch however once I got involved on campus I found the campus canteen food as an alternative. I usually have a ‘Matador’ from the ‘Country Side’, which is basically a delicious egg wrap, this is accompanied by a small French Vanilla coffee.

Health and Nutrition

Working out is the best way to relieve stress and stay in shape. Our college has a massive gym with state of the art equipment recently refurbished. To add on there is the Campus health centre to provide you with medical attention and discuss any health concerns. There are a tennis court and an ice skating rink available for students. All you need is your student ID card to have access.

Getting to know my Campus did take me a while as it is enormous. Durham College has one of the finest infrastructures I have ever known. I could go on and on about Campus life here at DC, however, I would encourage you to check out our website which is http://www.durhamcollege.ca/