Letting Off Steam

Chad Han Yixian
Chad Han Yixian
Chad Han Yixian is a Singaporean blogger studying Nutrition at Flinders University. Chad is one of those larger-than-life students who believes in working hard and playing harder.

Hi everyone, my name is Chad and I come from a tiny red dot on the map, Singapore.

I am studying a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Flinders University and am a member of the Flinders photography club, Volleyball Club and Singapore Association. I am all out to make my uni life legen…wait a minute… DARY! Join my mini adventures around and about South Australia.

Wonder what to do on a weekend in Adelaide? You can go PAINTBALLING!

Let off some steam after a week’s school work. Last Sunday, the people from Flinders Volleyball Club managed to wake up at 8 am to fire paintballs at one another! Okay, sounds wrong but it was FUN, or should I say HEAPS FUN. To think those days in BMT (basic military training) back in Singapore actually helped me today in my paintballing action!

Here’s the true story. Well, Dave was Mr Popular, cuz everyone seemed to be aiming at him. HAHA! Paintball is still quite affordable considering you get an army suit, paintball gun and the massive land to play!

There are different options depending on how much money you have, and how many paintballs you want to fire!

  • The STARTER PACK with 100 paintballs so you can get a feel of how “shiok” (Singapore slang for AWESOME!) it is to feel a paint pellet splatter on your friend.
  • The RAMBO PACK has 300 paintballs, for those who wanna really go for it!
  • Then there is the TERMINATOR PACK which basically gives you 600 paintballs!
  • And if you run out of the paintballs at any time in the “forest”, you can purchase additional “ammo”.

That wraps up another “heaps good” Sunday in addition to many more to come from down under here at Flinders University!


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