Aussie Rules

Chanravuth Ly
Chanravuth Ly
Cambodian blogger and student of Health and International Development, Chanravuth Ly writes with refreshing frankness about his new study abroad experience in Australia.

Hi everyone,

To keep you all happy, now I would like to invite you to visit a new blog of mine. It is all about the fantastic Aussie Rules Football. Last month I went to AAMI Stadium, which is located not so far from Adelaide City, to cheer for the Port Adelaide team.

There was a competition between the Port Adelaide Power and the St Kilda Saints. It was really fantastic moment when Port Adelaide began in an outstanding fashion. With a strong collaboration in the team, Port Adelaide won a thrilling four-point victory over St Kilda at AAMI stadium.

As a Flinders University student, I feel very happy with the opportunity to be in South Australia and I don’t think you will ever be bored if you study here. There is so much to see and do!

Have a nice day!


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