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Hello New Zealand!

Hannah Wentworth
Hannah Wentworth
Welcome our new blogger Hannah Wentworth to i-STUDENTglobal. An Agriculture student at Pennsylvania State University, she’s currently taking a year out to study at Lincoln University.

The adventures of a Pennsylvania dairy farm girl travelling in New Zealand are underway!

After years of talking about this and months of planning, this is finally happening!  Now I think, ‘what am I getting myself into? This is unreal.’

 I have been a mix of emotions: excited, overwhelmed, nervous. I love being in the comforts of home on the farm but it is when you get out of your comfort level that you grow and become a stronger individual.

Some items I plan on crossing off my bucket list:

  • Skydiving
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Rugby Game
  • Drive on the opposite side of the road
  • Travel around New Zealand
  • Visit dairy farms

Arriving at Lincoln University:

After over 26 hours of travelling from Philadelphia to Los Angeles to Auckland, NZ to Christchurch, NZ.  I have arrived at Lincoln University!

Lincoln University had a shuttle that picked me up at the airport which was extremely helpful.  When I first arrived on campus on Tuesday I was greeted by two kiwis (New Zealanders). The first thing I noticed was that they were barefoot, which I found humorous. Nonetheless, they were a great help to show me to my dorm and answer all my questions.

I am living in Centennial Hall.  My hall is semi-catered, meaning that the school feeds us dinner and we prepare our other meals.  There are six girls in my pod (floor).  We are all international students. Four of us are Americans and two are from other Pacific islands. We share a bathroom and a kitchen. I have my own room, which is rather spacious and nice.

Friday morning international students piled in buses for a university organized a trip to the nearby city of Christchurch.  A lot of the city is shut down from the devastating earthquake that occurred last February.  It was sad to see the extent of the damage and the long-lasting effects it has caused.

I am so thankful to be in the land of the Kiwis. Feel free to stalk me on my adventures; I promise I will write regularly and take lots of pictures and videos!

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