Cambodia to Australia

Chanravuth Ly
Cambodian blogger and student of Health and International Development, Chanravuth Ly writes with refreshing frankness about his new study abroad experience in Australia.

Hello, my name is Chanravuth Ly.

I am a Cambodian student pursuing a Masters degree in Health and International Development at Flinders University. This is a great opportunity for me to experience a new academic life in South Australia.

I can absolutely say that my university is big and full of international students who come from many different countries.

With this multi-cultural diversity, I certainly learn new things from my classmates, understand their cultures and learn a new way of communicating with different people.

With friendly and helpful lecturers, teachers and staff it provides me with a golden opportunity to absorb new knowledge and experiences from them.

The big central library has millions of books, articles, journals and bulletins which I have never seen before in my life. So I am not concerned about finding relevant information related to my course!

There are many facilities around the campus: bank services, restaurants, café, sports centre, counselling, parks and book stores mainly help me to save time and reduce homesickness.

I have more energy to do my course because of helpful staff in the university and I have confidence in my safety within the university security service.

Well, with a new academic life in Adelaide, I find that the city is quite different from my hometown city.

The air is clean, people are friendly and helpful. With so many cars and buses passing around, people are busy with their daily lives. There are many shopping centres and speciality stores which I can visit and buy food.

However, there are some challenges for me. The weather changes frequently, some days are hot and some days are cold. So I need to check the weather forecast every day.

Summer in Adelaide sometimes feels colder than winter in my country and I find it a little bit uncomfortable. I am very concerned about the winter which will be a problem for me.

Furthermore, I need to cook by myself when living here which I find is difficult for me as I am not used to doing it before.

Juggling learning to cook and my assignment deadline set by my lecturers can be tricky!

I certainly hope that I will adapt to the situation soon and have good time management for achieving a great result in this semester. So starting a new academic life and the new course at Flinders University is really fantastic for me!