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Monica Hess
Monica Hess
Monica is from Romania. She's studying for a PhD in Psychology at the University of Chichester.

If in my last two blogs I’ve tried to show you some of the beauties the UK has to offer. But in this blog, I am going to return to the more academic side of things.

Being a PhD student I get to do research (a lot of it).

There is a lot of work going on behind the research process, from reading articles and books to designing a study, collecting data, analysing the data and interpreting the data.

All this might sound familiar, as there is some sort of research being done also at undergraduate and postgraduate/master levels. What might be a novel element is that at PhD level we must take our research outside the four walls of our research offices and present it to the world.

One of the ways to do this is to present your research at different conferences in various forms.

For me, this year was the first time when I had to do such a thing. In my case, I presented two posters at two conferences.



The first conference I attended was the British Psychological Society Annual Conference in Birmingham.

The second conference I went to was the University of Chichester Annual Research Conference in Bognor Regis.

The experiences were amazing as they provided me with the opportunities to present my research to the world and get constructive feedback while engaging with other individuals’ research studies.

I highly recommend attending these kinds of events during your studies!

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