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Why are International Students so Important to Otago?

Victoria McEniery
Victoria McEniery
Victoria is the International Marketing Co-ordinator at the University of Otago. In the summertime, you'll find her on the back of a Harley Davidson cruising through the Central Otago countryside.

The University of Otago has 22,000 students, out of which 2,600 are international students.

While the decision to study at a university overseas is a bold one, it does come with some valuable opportunities. The opportunity to learn about the kiwi culture, to grow up as a person, and to develop a global perspective.


According to NZ Immigration’s website, at the end of 2011 education providers earned NZ$732 million from international students’ fees.

Universities benefit from international fees (though Otago has a 15% cap on the number of international students, and international PhD students only pay domestic fees). But, more importantly, they value the contribution that international students make to the life and cultural diversity of both the University and the wider community.


Students come to Otago from all over the world to take advantage of the University’s worldwide reputation for excellence.

International postgraduate students bring with them research proposals and overseas university collaborations. And international students bring a wider understanding and cultural awareness which New Zealand benefits from.


According to New Zealand’s Immigration website, about 20% of fee-paying international students go on to obtain residence in New Zealand.

The University of Otago recognises this and is strongly committed to international education.

Their international graduates receive support such as job seeking skills, strong alumni networks and a degree that is highly regarded by employers.



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