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A New Adventure

Monica Hess
Monica Hess
Monica is from Romania. She's studying for a PhD in Psychology at the University of Chichester.

As a PhD student, I usually get the chance to attend various internal and national Conferences where I present the findings from my PhD studies. Last month though, I had the opportunity to attend my first international conference.

“I had the opportunity to attend an International Conference …”

The 17th International Congress of the European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology was held in Oslo, Norway.

“… it was held in Oslo, Norway.”

The most famous Organisational Psychologists gave presentations and shared a little bit of their wisdom. Moreover, I felt amazing as I attended, along with my fellow colleagues, a spectacular Reception in the Town Hall of Oslo where the Mayor himself gave a short speech.

“… a spectacular Reception in the Town Hall of Oslo …”

Oslo is a very clean but expensive city worth visiting.

Some of its highlights were: Oslo Opera House, Oslo Seafront, The Parliament, Oslo Town Hall and The Nobel Prize Centre.

I will now let the pictures to speak for themselves.