Introducing Santa Pumpura

Santa Pumpura
Santa Pumpura
Santa Pumpura is a Latvian student who has gone to America to get an international education in business administration, but her extra-curricular timetable is jam-packed!

My name is Santa

I know it’s a very strange name outside of Latvia. When people hear my name, the first thing that comes in mind is Santa Claus. Or, if you’re Italian, you’d think I am a saint, as Santa means Holly/Saint in Italian. But enough about my name.

About me

I was born in Riga, Latvia on March 8th 1993, which is considered to be International Women’s Day.

I started my first year in school when I was 7 and changed school 3 times. The first time I changed it was because we were missing a math teacher for 3 months and I felt that as time went by I lost knowledge. I talked to my parents and we decided to leave this school and go to another.

In my secondary school, I attended it for about 3 years and did not feel the challenge that I wanted it to give me, as well as I,  felt that the environment that I was in was not proper for my education, so I changed my school again.

The last school I went to I stayed there for a year (11th grade) and in the middle of my 11th grade, a thought came into my mind – why not go to the United States?

Santa Pumpura, a Latvian student at Fulton Montgomery Community College in the USA

My decision to study abroad

The 12th grade seemed to me like it was a year of reviewing and preparing for the state exams. I did not want that, so I looked up an agency called and scrolled over their offers. I saw Germany, Australia, Denmark and then 3 schools in the United States of America. My dream is to enrol at Harvard, so I figured I might as well give it a try.

I went to this agency and we sat down and talked. My first thought was that I needed to attend high school; after all, I have not finished the 12th grade. The agent told me that you do not need it, there is a college called Fulton Montgomery Community College, where you have the chance to start your 1st year as a student (freshman) in a university/college as well as get your diploma for the 12th grade.

I thought about it, talked to my parents about it and after a week came back and agreed on this offer (except my mom, she was too sad that I did not choose anything closer to Europe).

In the middle of August, I got on the plane

The flight was sad, scary and thrilling at the same time. I cried and I laughed, I was sad and amazed. But I had a great companion for the 8 hours of flight. He was an older gentleman, we laughed and we talked through all the flight. As well he helped me to find the address that I was supposed to write down.

When I, at last, arrived at Fulton Montgomery Community College, it was a very hot day. I met this very energetic lady, all joyful and happy, gathering around the international students. She was my advisor – Mrs Spencer. She helped me with my schedule, told me how the administration stuff goes around here and what I needed to do.

We figured out that my major (at that time I had no clue what that was) would be Business Administration. From the beginning, I have enjoyed every day I go to school (well except the days when it is snowing and the school is not cancelled, but that’s a completely different story that I may or may not tell you).

Anyhow, I have done so many things and met such wonderful people that it makes me sad that this is my last year at Fulton Montgomery Community College.