Time Runs Fast

Anna Chiappini
Anna Chiappini
Anna Chiappini is an Italian MBA student at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. Somehow she's balancing her studies, a job AND a social life!

My first year in Oz: university, adventures, work and new friends!

It was the 2nd of January 2012 when I finally arrived in Australia and my adventure started! I came to Australia with a working holiday visa, willing to get a job, travel and improve my English language skills, but after two weeks a great surprise arrived on my email box.

I have been granted a scholarship for studying in South Australia: Master in Business Administration (specialisation Tourism) at Flinders University!

Honestly, I was a bit scared but, at the same time, I could not hide how happy I was. The right attitude and the incredibly nice friends that I met here made easier my settlement in Australia, specifically Adelaide!

Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia

The impact at Flinders University Business School was actually tough.

A lot of new cultures!

For the first time in my life, I met people from Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and so on! I got exposed to their culture, food, traditions and these have been hard but beautiful!

WOW! I can call the lectures with their name

You may think this is unimportant, but it is awesome to have informal relationships with your lecturers. Classes are engaging and give everyone the ability to talk in class and debate with the lecturer, without being scared of repercussions, you know, at the end of the day lecturers will be the one giving you a mark!

A bit of this & a bit of that

Until now, I have been divided between the city campus and the main campus: one in the heart of the city centre and the other one located within a beautiful park, where sometimes we get the chance to see cockatoos and koalas, and which looks like a little town with student services, shops and cafes!

As studying has been very hard, of course, I rewarded myself during the holiday with my passion: travelling and…

  • visiting the best beaches in Australia, the barrier reef, the outback, great cities, the rainforest parks, wildlife parks & zoos!
  • eating beef pies, shrimps on the barbie, mangos from Queensland, pavlova and drinking wine from the Barossa or other wineries all over the country!
  • surfing in Middleton, snorkelling in Lady Musgrave Island, knee boarding at the Murray River!

What more can I say? I won’t give up studying hard and enjoying this beautiful country for the rest of my stay!

As an Aussie song says:

“God bless Australia” and have a g’day mates!