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China to New York; first impressions

Ye Wang
Ye Wang
Ye Wang is a Chinese student studying Finance and Accounting at Daemon College in New York.

Time is flying by! I have been at Daemen College for a semester and am studying Accounting in the Business Department. I like my professors and the small campus environment; I feel like I have made a good choice to come here. I still clearly remember last year when visiting the Daemen campus, wondering what it would look like even after I researched it online.

I remember Coach Parisi, the women’s volleyball coach, greeting me at the airport.

He drove me to the Daemen campus and explained each building to me – I particularly liked the Business Building with its computer labs and student lounge with comfortable sofas. At that moment, I was able to picture myself going to class as a Daemen student.

After arriving on campus, my future teammates and I walked to the gym and watched the Lady Wildcat basketball team play during the American Mideast Conference semi-final game. I am not a big basketball fan but they played well and it was fun to watch. The lady’s team won the game 83-74.

The school has a strong athletic program and I was happy to be a recruit for the volleyball team.

As I played volleyball in middle school and high school, my dream was to continue playing on a college team in the US.

After watching the women’s basketball game, my teammates and I walked to the Daemen dormitory called Campus Village. Campus Village is a beautiful dorm, set up like an apartment. There are 4 people who share one apartment, each person has their own bedroom, and 2 people share a bathroom. We hung out in the apartment, watched movies and talked.

At night we had volleyball practice, it was really good and every teammate was enthusiastic. When I played with them, I felt their passion and enjoyment for volleyball.  I really enjoyed practising with my future teammates who were wonderful and the coach who was extremely nice too.

The people I met at Daemen were helpful and felt like a big family.

During the basketball game, I had the opportunity to meet the president of Daemen College L Pereira; it was an informal and short introduction.

I was impressed when I saw him at the cafeteria the next morning and he remembered me. At that time, I knew Daemen was the college I was looking for. I felt kindness from everyone I met and knew I could achieve my goals here.

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