Phi Theta Kappa Conference

Phi Theta Kappa Conference
The panel at the Phi Theta Kappa New York Region Conference

Every year, the New York Region Phi Theta Kappa holds an annual regional conference, where all the honour students with their school chapter are sent to a certain place where they have a conference and receive awards for a job well done during the year.

It is a great time to see and talk to all the people from different colleges around the New York state and also ask questions at the transfer booths to different universities. I was one of the people that was leading the conference.

Phi Theta Kappa Conference

The conference was different this year because as a New York Region we needed to vote on a decision that the Phi Theta Kappa headquarters proposed. They proposed to only have five positions instead of eight. We needed to vote on cutting the position of Recording Secretary, Programming Secretary and Historian.

The voting was long, but we came up with a decision to have one secretary that includes the roles of the eliminated positions.

During one of the breaks, I went to the room where the transfer booths were set up and OH MY GOD THERE WAS NEW YORK UNIVERSITY!!!

I did not jump…but yes I jumped and screamed internally. Trying to keep the professional look, I slowly approached NYU table and then I just poured on the poor admissions representative with questions.

I think I talked to him for about a good 40 minutes. After this conversation, I was out of my English. I could barely say a sentence in English. The convention continued smooth and steady.

During a different break, just before dinner, I saw this little boy taking photos of everything with his mom’s camera. I approached him and asked, “Have you ever tried to take photos using this kind of camera?” (I have a Canon EOS550). He said no and I gave him the camera to play with. At first, he was so shy but I showed him a magic trick where the camera takes pictures even without touching the button.

Latvian international student Santa Pumpura

Overall it was a great time that I spent in Tarrytown, NY.


I have been checking my mail every second of the day.

So far, I have had an offer from one school. Congratulations Santa! I have been admitted to Rutgers University – New Brunswick. I got accepted about 2 weeks after they received all of the required documentation. Now the only thing left is for me to decide whether or not I want to go…