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Chinese Culture Club at Daemen College

Ye Wang
Ye Wang
Ye Wang is a Chinese student studying Finance and Accounting at Daemon College in New York.

Last semester, a few of my friends and I decided to start a new student club at Daemen College; we called it the Chinese Culture Club.

I’m one of the founding members and also the treasurer of this club. The Chinese student population has been increasing over the years at Daemen. So we wanted to show more of a presence on campus and also reduce the culture shock of Chinese students by spending time together.

Our club has helped each of us make friends with Chinese and American students alike. It also gives us the opportunity to connect with American students, practice our English and learn about U.S culture.

We have a lot of fun together when planning campus events and participating in activities. The Chinese Club has also allowed us to experience different types of food in the U.S. and teach our American friends about the Chinese culture.

Another great experience when developing a student organization is working with the staff and faculty on campus.

Every student club is required to have a moderator who will assist with event planning and student association guidelines. We are lucky to have several faculty and staff members interested in helping us create a strong organization.

Our latest campus event was called Food Taste Series.

As international students, we enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures and foods; so the Food Taste Series allowed us to do just that.

For many of us, it is not always possible to travel throughout the country. Yes, we can study history books and read about different cultures but experiencing it first hand is what makes it real and a much deeper impact.

At this event, our hope is for everyone who attends to learn something in a fun way, understand this country and other cultures.

The Food Taste Series invited a guest Chef from Daemen College to cook lunch for students, faculty, and staff.

During this event we had a staff member volunteer as our first guest chef; he introduced a Louisiana French Style Dish called Cajun Catfish. For most of us, this was the first time we tried French style cuisine and it was delicious.

We were busy during the event but took the time to enjoy our food and great conversation with many different people on campus.  We certainly look forward to hosting our next guest chef at the up-coming Food Taste Series.