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Let’s Go Back to Uni!

Akville Stonkute
Akville Stonkute
Akvile Stonkute left Lithuania after school looking for an adventure. She didn't find life in London very easy, so she moved out to the coast. She's now loving life at Chichester University.

The glorious sunny summer seems like a distant memory, as the dark and gloomy sky welcomes students back to university. It seems like a warning from the university gods, warning us of the hard and laborious year of studying ahead.

This combined with the warning from lecturers of how difficult the job prospects are for graduates and the depressing economic conditions are enough to make any final-year student like me have a nervous breakdown!

Giddy excitement

Just when I began to feel low, the sight of my friends faces in the far end of the library brought about a giddy excitement in me, I forgot all the depressing thought I had a moment ago. It was wonderful to catch up on all the stuff people did during the summer such as training or summer jobs and most important of all the latest gossip. As the freshers do not arrive for another week we had the university to ourselves and did not feel like our patch was being encroached.

I am excited to be going to welcome new international students to our university and ensure their arrival goes as stress-free as possible. This reminds me of my arrival to the UK from Lithuania and my anticipation and excitement at the prospect of living away from home and meeting new people.

Word of advice

I will be imparting wisdom on essential fresher necessities such as the best pubs and clubs, cheap takeaways and supermarkets and the less important stuff like where the library and lecture theatres are.

Although I would like for them to have an unforgettably good time at University, I take it as my responsibility to explain to them the primary reason they have come to university, which is to develop the skills and knowledge in their chosen field of study. Wrong decisions taken at the start of university could have a lasting impact for years to come in one’s life.

Afraid of sounding like your parents, I leave by welcoming all new and returning students and wishing you all a very productive and enjoyable year at university.