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From Lithuania to Chichester

Akville Stonkute
Akville Stonkute
Akvile Stonkute left Lithuania after school looking for an adventure. She didn't find life in London very easy, so she moved out to the coast. She's now loving life at Chichester University.


I am a second year Marketing undergraduate student at the University of Chichester from Lithuania.

My journey to the UK started when my friend and I decided to go somewhere at the end of school and relax after all the pressure from school life was over. I thought it would be fun to go to the UK for a few months despite us not knowing where to live or without being fluent in English.

This time in every person’s life makes them do stupid things and I was no exception. I just left Lithuania without any real plans and ended up at my friend’s cousin’s place in London.


Life in London was not exactly what I expected when I left home in Lithuania.

I expected a good job and a great social life; however, it turned out to be no job and no money. London was too big and fast paced for a small town girl like me. I felt out of place wherever I went. My high school English did not help in the real world and the different accents spoken in London made it feel like an all-new language. My friend, on the other hand, loved London and this made me feel more isolated. So I decided to take another risk by moving to Portsmouth.

I lived at my friend’s place in Portsmouth. During this time I decided to hone my English skills by studying for the IELTS exam, which is an international English course.

As I grew more confident with my English I began applying for universities to study event management. I received an offer from Chichester University and after my first year, I came to the conclusion that event management was not for me and changed my course to marketing. The university was quite supportive in my decision and explained the necessary steps that I needed to take in order to change my course.

I have had two wonderful years at university and I cannot believe how much my life has changed in three short years. Even more, I cannot believe my parents agreed to let me take all of the decisions I have made. It has been a crazy life till now and I can’t imagine where it will take me next.