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Don’t Spend Your Summer Worrying

Akville Stonkute
Akville Stonkute
Akvile Stonkute left Lithuania after school looking for an adventure. She didn't find life in London very easy, so she moved out to the coast. She's now loving life at Chichester University.

Like any university student across the country, I could not wait to submit my last course for the 2nd year of my study. While doing all of this work, I think have had more cups of coffee than is recommended for human consumption.

I looked forward to the three long months of summer break during which time I would not have to worry about early morning lectures or late evenings in the library rushing to get my work completed. I have had a brilliant two weeks spent visiting my family and friends in Lithuania. The sunshine was better than in the UK, which I did not complain about and mum’s home food was the best!

Getting results

During the course of the last month I had been like a kid on Christmas morning, excited in anticipation every time I turned on my laptop to check if I had received any results for the coursework.

I have now received my results for the coursework I submitted and I am satisfied with the outcomes but not overjoyed. Again, like any other student I regretted not spending more time studying or choosing a different topic and even blaming the lecturer who marked my coursework for not giving me more marks which I thought I deserved.

It is daunting to think of the amount of work that is expected of me in order to achieve the scores I would like. It becomes even more important when I think, how much of my future life could depend on this academic year. No wonder I lose sleep thinking of university two full months before my first lecture.

I keep getting told by people around me to relax and enjoy the remainder of my time off from university as this could be the last time in my life where I get so much time off. And this is exactly what I would advise all of you, have fun, everything will be fine.

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