Student Lifestyle5 Movie Misconceptions about College (with clips)

5 Movie Misconceptions about College (with clips)

College movies are a staple part of Hollywood, from classics like ‘American Pie’ to ‘Bad Neighbours’, we all love a good college movie. The guy struggling with grades gets his degree, the Accapella group win the finals, and the guy gets the girl after an elaborate display of affection which would certainly get him kicked out of class. Whatever it is, they tend to be fun and full of antics, and always have a happy ending.

However, college movies are riddled with misconceptions. Not all the boys look like Zac Efron, not every party is this massive event, and your Accapella group reaching the finals is not the biggest deal in the entire world.

  1. Dorm rooms are always masterpieces of interior design.

Unlike Becca’s dorm room in ‘Pitch Perfect’, yours will not be able to comfortably hold all of your fellow Accapella group members. Oh, and a DJ desk. Usually, you are blessed with a single bed, one desk, one shelf, and the bathrooms are often shared.

2. It is not that hard to get into Harvard.

Getting into University is about working hard for years and years, and following your dreams. You typically cannot do what Elle did in ‘Legally Blonde’ and make a video in a skimpy swimsuit, and do a few revision sessions, and expect to go to Harvard Law.

3. Dropping out means guaranteed success, as you can focus on your website.

Um, sorry, but this is not necessarily true. Although there are many paths to take in life, and success looks different to everyone, dropping out of University like Zuckerberg in the cinematic rendition of ‘The Social Network’ will not guarantee you every success and happiness in life.

4. All roommates are super weird.

This is a classic movie trope of having weird and socially inept roommates, like the 7 dorks in ‘Sydney White’. The reality is that you are going to meet some of your very best friends at University, and perhaps even your future spouse.

5. University is just one long party.

I know it is not as entertaining to see people studying than partying, and that’s why it is left out of the movies, but that is the reality. Sure, you’ll have parties, but studying is (or at least should be) your main point of focus and top priority. Also, all the parties will not be as lavish as the ones in movies, such as the Aztec party from ‘The House Bunny’.


University/College will be the best time of your life, despite some of these misconceptions. Your roommates will be fun, there will be big parties, and your dorm room can be nice with a little effort put into it. Just remember that not everything in Hollywood is (or is trying to be) realistic, and don’t base your expectations on movies!