Countdown to Oz

Anthony Braybrooke
Anthony Braybrooke
Anthony Braybrooke is a History student at England's University of Leicester who is enjoying a year's study abroad at Flinders University in Australia.

Hi there,

I’m really happy to be here. Please let me tell you a bit about myself (It’s all me, me, me)…

My name’s Anthony, and in June I’ll be finishing my second year of studying History at the University of Leicester. Rather than continue to put up with the disastrous weather that presents itself over here, I’m moving down under to see what’s happening on the other side of the world.

Last week I accepted an unconditional offer, which means from July I’ll be enrolling to study at Flinders University for a year and the excitement is kicking in.

So what’s this blog thing about? Basically, I’m just looking for a place to shout about my preparation and all my experiences in Australia, and you can all see how I struggle to survive on my own. Hopefully, this will keep the friends and fam’ at home up to date and might be of interest to some other students out there.

So, with three months until I leave, what’s going through my head?

Excitement? Apprehension? Apathy? To be honest, it’s probably a bit of everything. I’m excited at the prospect of going to a country I’ve never been too, but I’m apathetic ‘cause at the moment it seems too far away.

I’m apprehensive about leaving all my friends and family back in England and putting myself into so much more debt, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. There are still so many things to do! As it gets closer, as these initial nerves subside and the whole experience becomes a little more real – I’m sure the excitement will build. After all, it’s AUSTRA-FRICKIN’-STRALIA. But at the moment, it’s all business!

Overseas Student Health Cover needs buying, the modules I’ve chosen need to be confirmed, a Visa needs to be obtained, I need to book flights, find somewhere to live…. *Head explodes*.

Busy, busy times.

Yet with all these things to do before I go, what have I spent my time doing? Writing a list of things to do once I’m there. (Obviously including going to Kangaroo Island, watching a rugby game, and not being punched by a kangaroo!)

As for now, with essay deadlines and exams looming, Australia seems so far away.  But I’ll try and keep you in the loop about what’s going on!

P.S – As I finished typing I realised I didn’t really tell you anything about me! So, here are a few words so I don’t seem like such a stranger.

  • At Leicester I’m in the Mountaineering/Rock climbing club, I play Rugby League for the University; I’m a member of Amnesty International and the Labour Society.
  • I work as an Ambassador for the University too, and basically, get paid to talk about a place I love.
  • I’m also an eMentor aiming to promote fair access to Higher education.
  • In the past, I’ve been a shop assistant, a lettings agent, a waiter in a Chinese restaurant, and a pizza delivery boy. (Now you know how I can afford to come to Australia!)
  • I’m politically liberal and want to be a teacher. Or a fireman. That would be a cool job.

Now hopefully when you read these ramblings I won’t seem so far away, and if you have any more questions – ask away!

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