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Здраво, from Purdue Calumet!!

Nevenka Stefanovska
Nevenka Stefanovska
Studying for a Master's in Communication at Purdue University Calumet, Nevenka Stefanovska, is already underway with a career in marketing


My name is Nevenka and I am the newest blogger for the i-studentglobal community!

I will be writing from Purdue University Calumet, where I just began my Masters in Communication. At the same time, I hold a Graduate Assistantship with the International Programs Office at PUC and my job is perfectly complementing my study; I blog, I do social media outreach, assist with PR strategy and work on event planning.

There are so many interesting events and moments in life at this school that I find delightful and fascinating as an international student… I really look forward to sharing with you!

But I think I should start with an introduction…The greeting (Hello!) at the beginning of this post is in Macedonian, which is my native language. I was born and raised in the capital of Macedonia – Skopje and arrived in the US almost one month ago.

Although this is not my first time being in the USA, I am for the first time looking at it through the eyes of a student.

This, of course, means lots of new experiences: I live in the school dorms, I get everywhere on foot and I am still learning my way around campus and the community (and of course I occasionally get lost in the process, but that’s an art in itself!). And since my family and friends are more than 5,000 miles away, I am trying to make new ones at PUC.

In between juggling work, studying, homework, student clubs and various projects, I will be posting lots of photos and videos, talking about interesting stories and places, hidden treasures around campus and in the area, school and social life, as well as share tips I discovered for making the international student experience the most amazing adventure ever. So I invite you to join me on this quest!

Until next time!

Smiles and aeroplanes,