A Little Drama During Finals

Nevenka Stefanovska
Nevenka Stefanovska
Studying for a Master's in Communication at Purdue University Calumet, Nevenka Stefanovska, is already underway with a career in marketing

A little musical break amidst all the coursework and final projects is always welcome. Even more so if that means seeing two amazing and memorable performances. Except I wasn’t fully aware of what I was going to encounter!!

The Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra

The first performance was a magical symphony about resurrection and the meaning of life; the second was an intense, thought-provoking ‘Pulitzer-kissed’ story about fate and human destinies.

symphony orchestra Mahler

Maestro Kirk Muspratt, the “Chicagoan of the Year” is a quirky and masterful conductor who threw on a great show leading the Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra.

This dramatic and beautiful composition, Symphony 2 by Gustav Mahler is all about resurrection and the afterlife. Although it may seem sombre, the orchestra and the choir will give you goosebumps and leave you in awe for witnessing a marvellous performance.

‘The Happiest Song Plays Last’ at the Goodman Theatre


The second art experience took me to the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, currently, the home of the play ‘The Happiest Song Plays Last’.

I found the ‘open floor sitting’ concept very unusual – the audience can choose to sit wherever they want because the tickets have no seat numbers. And some patrons really lucked out! The audience became part of the show as the actors performed right around them

And finally, what fine arts experience will be complete without fine dining?


Our Hospitality and Tourism Management department has its own restaurant so that the students can gain front room and back room restaurant experience. The upside for everyone else? Gourmet cuisine on campus! Amazing thematic dishes from all over the world for very reasonable prices. Besides the price, the only difference with a fine dining restaurant is the evaluation comments cards guests are asked to fill out about their experience, their server, and the dishes. The school tries to provide the best possible service, and guests are even asked to grade the temperature of the bread they ate. Can I put ‘superb!’ for everything??

So who says that life on a student budget always has to be frugal? 😉

Smiles and aeroplanes,

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