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Being a Student Athlete at Daemen

Daniel Romer
Daniel Romer
Daniel Romer grew up in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Here he gives us an insight into his life at Daemen College.

I am a Daemen wildcat playing for the men’s soccer team and I wanted to talk about how it is to be a student-athlete at Daemen.

Daemen is in the process of transitioning from NAIA to NCAA Division Two. This means that we will be playing on a highly competitive level in all our sports. Sports are taken very seriously at Daemen.


In my opinion, being a student athlete has added a lot of value to my college career. By being part of a team at Daemen I instantly made new friends and met a lot of people that I got to know very well. The guys that already played on the team were very welcoming and open to me and the other newcomers. Our practices take up a lot of time especially travelling during away games but it is worth it. The payout is greater than the sacrifices.

Being a student-athlete has actually helped my academics. It has taught me discipline which has positive reflections on my daily life as well.

Also, there are always guys or girls on the team that will already have taken the same classes and that can help with homework, or explain problems I might not understand.


I believe that every student-athlete here is proud to be a Daemen Wildcat. The student body and faculty love going to see the men’s and women’s team games.

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