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Caela Provost
Caela Provost
Caela blogged for i-studentglobal as a student at the University of Limerick in Ireland. After working as a teacher and writer, she's now the North American Representative for University College Cork in New York.

Before I begin this blog, I want to start by saying how fortunate and how blessed I am.

I was just informed that I will graduate from my MA in English Programme in January with First Class Honors.

I fulfilled my life-long dream of studying in, and exploring, Ireland. Surrounded by people who love me, who I love in return with all of my heart. I’m continuing to understand, believe in, and accept who I am.

As I said, I am truly fortunate and blessed. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that much of my good fortune exists because of my experiences in Ireland.

I could talk about how Ireland has changed me into the person I am today for hours, years probably. Because of this, the focus of this blog will not be about my experiences – I can’t have any of you readers rolling your eyes at me (even if it’s only the computer version of me) as I go into detail about a story or two that I may or may not have told you before. That would be just plain embarrassing. We can’t have that.

This blog is, to put it simply, two-fold. *drumroll please*

Fold #1: A thank you.

Firstly, to Education in Ireland and Enterprise Ireland: for giving me the chance to share my stories and hone my craft. Writing for you has been an incredible experience. Secondly, to i-studentglobal.com: for picking up my blogs and challenging me with additional interesting topics that I enjoyed thinking upon and then writing. I thank everyone from each group for your belief in my writing and for supporting me.

Fold #2: The ‘where is she now?’ segment.

It is due in part to the blogs written for Education in Ireland and i-studentglobal.com that I am now a Writing and Social Media Consultant for a new, creative company called MiCordz, LLC.

The company, which specializes in creating accessories (called MiDz) for charger chords, earbuds and more, just launched this past Thursday – and I am beyond wicked excited to see the company evolve and grow.

I am equally excited to see how my writing skills and new ideas will factor into the company’s creative development. If you’re interested in finding out more about MiCordz and what the company has to offer, please check us out at www.micordz.com OR follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr!

I guess that’s all I have left to say (shocking, I know) except for, and excuse me if I mimic a broken record: thank you.

Thank you, Education in Ireland and Enterprise Ireland for seeing my potential and helping me soar.

Thank you, i-studentglobal.com for giving me the chance to write on a plethora of topics, all of which helped me to grow as a writer.

To all: Thank you for encouraging my passion for writing. Thank you for your faith in me. Thank you for helping me to follow my dreams and make them realities.

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