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Exploring Dunedin and Otago

Priscilia Widjaja
Priscilia Widjaja
Priscilia travelled all the way to New Zealand from her home in Indonesia to study Human Nutrition. When she’s not studying you’ll find her taking great photos of the wonderful scenery that surrounds her.

It’s been three months since my arrival in Dunedin, a little town on New Zealand’s South Island.

Dunedin or usually called the Edinburgh of the South is merely a student town, which means bookshops, cafes, and fashion retailers can be found at every corner of the city.

But Dunedin offers many more entertainments, from old buildings to the great outdoors within walking distance.

I have a special interest in museums, mainly because there is always something new and interesting that I can learn. I always tell myself that I have come to the right place; the city museum is located right across from my university. It is called the Otago Museum, but their collection is not limited to anything related to Otago or New Zealand.


The Otago Museum’s collection ranges from ancient natural history to the astonishing animal world.

On one occasion, the museum made an extremely interesting backstage tour, which allowed people to look at their entire collection.

I felt like a little girl in a candy shop, especially when it came to the animal section.


The museum’s latest addition is a butterfly sanctuary, where people can experience a live tropical butterfly experience.

I decided to buy a ticket and the first thing I did was take off my jacket because the temperature inside the sanctuary was 28 degrees Celsius.

It reminded me of my tropical home climate, hot and humid. The butterflies were not afraid of humans and continuously came on to my bare hands and feet.

Just a little note, bare feet are common among New Zealanders because of their culture. You can see young girls in the middle of the road, carrying their stilettos, and just walking barefoot.


After experiencing the museum, I tried to experience the great outdoors.

I was offered a heavily discounted one-day train trip and I just couldn’t waste such a good bargain.

The trip went off from Dunedin’s railway station (it is one of the most photographed buildings in the Southern Hemisphere) to Central Otago.

I enjoyed the train ride so much and felt the fresh air in my face. At that time I wanted to breathe as much fresh air as I could, it’s been a luxury in my home country for a long time.


The trip ended at a little town called Middlemarch (believe me; it is much smaller than Dunedin). Honestly, there was not much I could do and see, except the endless sheep in a mountainous area.


I haven’t got a chance to experience beautiful landscapes beyond Dunedin, but the winter holiday is near (after finishing my exams, of course!) and I am planning to do some new adventures.

Going on a ski or snowboard trip is on the top of my bucket list, it will be the first snow I experience in my life. So, see you soon!