Dominic’s Bath Spa University

Dominic’s Bath Spa University

After his degree, Dominic spent many years travelling and working abroad. Eventually, he left his life in Granada, Spain, and returned to England to study a post-graduate teaching course at Bath Spa University.

This is how it all started

I applied to Bath Spa University while in Spain and was invited to an interview with the leader of the PGCE Secondary English course, Barbara Imrie, who had a lifetime of experience as a secondary English teacher behind her. There were two of us that day and we had to stand up and deliver a short presentation to see how we came across as well as field all the usual interview questions. It was to Barbara’s credit that, in the manner of a true English teacher, she was particularly interested in our own reading histories; the subject should, after all, be predicated on a love of books.

Exploring the campus of Bath Spa University

Bath Spa is set in a lovely campus and I joined a diverse and supportive group of students. The other thing I remember about that day was the campus; a long drive leading to a modern university sitting in a stunning and bucolic landscape, with the 18thcentury Main House as a reminder of its heritage. There is a lake, and woods and lots of green space and it’s just outside the amazing City of Bath with its historic buildings, Roman imprint and cultural community.

I was accepted onto the one year course and when it started I found myself in a group of about 20 students from a wide range of locations and backgrounds. This diversity was great as we all brought different things to the course and learned from each other – there was a lot of group work, peer learning and support and joint teaching practice so it was good to be part of a jolly, varied crowd of people.

The other thing I remember was the campus; a long drive leading to a modern university sitting in a stunning and bucolic landscape.