What To StudyWhat to Study If You Want to Save The World

What to Study If You Want to Save The World

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Getting a 9 to 5 job is no longer just a definition for earning money to pay your bills. For many of you young rebels out there, it is slowly becoming a mission, no matter how small, to save the world while saving for the future. Regardless of how much one may love their chosen career, many of you feel that… there’s something missing in this bigger picture of life. That’s why for all of you hopeful world-savers and superheroes, here’s what to study at university to really make a difference in the world.

International students (and domestic students alike) grow up in a world where helping others has started to be more than an extracurricular activity set aside for our laziest of weekends, but a career in itself. The “what do you want to be when you grow up?” question is bringing more and more hero-like jobs to the list of answers alongside the usual doctor and fireman roles. The world is changing, therefore today’s kids’ answer will adapt to these changes without ever losing its true purpose: saving the world.

1. Urban Planning degree

With the world’s population currently at a growing rate of around 1.07% per year and with an increase estimated at 82 million people per year, we need experts who will help create and expand our communities. With an Urban Planning degree, you will be in charge of creating safe environments and smarter cities by using creative, innovative solutions that match the world’s current needs.

What jobs can I apply for with an Urban Planning degree?

Historic buildings inspector officer, town/transport planner, urban designer, environmental manager, landscape architect, planning and development surveyor, etc.

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2. Nutrition degree

One of the main factors that have a direct impact on our health is strongly connected to our diet and nutrition. A healthy diet goes beyond our own personal lifestyle, it goes as far as offering our species the chance to live longer. And healthier.

What jobs can I apply for with a Nutrition degree?

Regulatory affairs specialist, food labelling specialist, public health nutritionist, humanitarian nutritionist, nutrition educator, etc.

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3. Psychology degree

Mental health plays a pivotal role in our wellbeing, therefore focusing our efforts to understand the human mind is paramount in helping identify mental illness and maintain a healthy climate for each individual.

What jobs can I apply for with a Psychology degree?

Aviation psychologist, clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist, psychiatric technician, human resource manager, rehabilitation counsellor, behaviour health psychiatric nurse, etc.

Why study Psychology at University?

4. Anthropology degree

Understanding who we were helps us understand who we are and who we want to be. Preparing for the future is an impossible task to tackle if we are not fully committed to take into account our past as humanity. Crossing the bridge between science and humanities, you will explore the history and evolution of human society across centuries.

What jobs can I apply for with an Anthropology degree?

Diversity officer, international nonprofit administrator, organisational development specialist, community development worker, market researcher, etc.

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5. Computer Science degree

How do we learn to adapt to technology in a split second? How does society adapt to its own progress? With a degree in Computer Science, you will ask those questions on a daily basis. You will learn about different programming languages, how computer devices interact with one another so that you can find out how they can solve the problems the world may face tomorrow.

What jobs can I apply for with a Computer Science degree?

Software developer, database administrator, computer systems analyst, web developer, solutions architect, network security administrator, etc.

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So lionhearts, which degree will you choose to save the world?

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