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Top Careers In Hospitality

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Degrees in Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism are very popular with international students. They can open doors to a wide range of exciting careers, in nearly every country in the world. Whether your passion lies in the business side of operations, or you’re a born people-person, the hospitality industry can offer it all. Here are some of the top careers in hospitality.

1. Event Planner

Are you organised and good at planning things? If so, this is the career for you. 
You’ll be a born multi-tasker, and responsible for all elements of the event you’re planning. This could include hiring venues, sorting caterers and their food services, purchasing furniture and interiors for decorating, invitations and much more.

Degrees that will help you on the path to becoming an event planner include Event Management, Live Events Management and International Event Management.

2. Chef

If you are skilled in food preparation and have a passion for cooking, then this could be the ultimate career for you. There are many routes to becoming a chef, from working up through the ranks in the kitchen to learning more about the craft at a catering college. A popular option is to earn a degree from a culinary school, such as a BA in Culinary Arts, or get an apprenticeship to be trained as a chef.

Courses that can help you on the way to becoming a chef include Culinary Arts, Culinary Arts Management and Le Grande Diplôme at Cordon Bleu, London.

3. Sports Therapist

Sports therapy is fast becoming a popular career choice, and it’s a staple of the leisure industry. Sports therapists give advice to sport and exercise participants on how to train safely. Their main aim is to prevent any kind of sports and exercise-related injuries. The most common pathway to this career path in the UK is through studying a BSc in Sports Therapy (Hons). You can find universities that offer Sports Therapy courses on whatuni.com.

4. Hotel Manager

A Hotel Manager or ‘hotelier’ may be referred to as the General Manager of the hotel. If you take pride in talking to customers and know you how to offer them the best service, then this is the career for you. Your duties will vary depending on the size of the hotel, function or company. According to QS, there are many institutions worldwide offering courses in Hotel Management, including 36 in the UK.

5. Air Cabin Crew

Air Cabin Crew, also known as stewards/stewardesses, air hosts/hostesses, cabin attendants – are personnel who ensure the safety and the comfort of all passengers. You don’t have to go to university to become part of cabin crew because most airlines will offer you training before you start. But the application process is competitive, so a college diploma or local technical training will be a huge boost to your application.

6. Tour Guide

A Tourist Guide provides assistance and information to visitors on organised tours. If you are good at public speaking and have an interest in History and Arts, then this is the ideal job for you. If you’re studying abroad, this is a great option for part-time work, as companies are always looking for people with more than one language to be tour guides. Starting small can often lead to bigger opportunities, and take you around the world.

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