Summer is Coming

Natasha Madhavan
Natasha Madhavan
Natasha, from India, is a first-year student studying International Finance and Economics at Maynooth University. She loves animals, playing sports and reading books.

If any of you got that sort of Game of Thrones reference in the title, I know we can be friends. But in all seriousness, I am so excited for the summer!

As a person who has lived in a really hot country her whole life (namely Oman), where the winters are equivalent to the summers in Ireland, any sort of heat and sunlight are appreciated!

Since it’s spring now, I think it is the one season that kind of encompasses all other weathers: autumn, summer and winter! I could literally see hailstones, light snow, rain and sunlight within the span of one day in Ireland, and it never ceases to amaze me!

The Irish sunsets

An added plus is the delayed sunsets and early sunrises, which truly remind me of home! Though back home, the sun sets at around 6 pm. Nowadays, in Ireland, we can see the sun until at least 9 pm! And it’s always a gorgeous sight.

I’ve taken a couple of pictures of these sunsets when I walk back home from University, they’re just that pretty! And part of why I am so looking forward to this summer in Ireland, though it is such a beautiful country, can have more than its share of sun-less days in the winter. And now one can bask in the temporary glorious sunshine!


Sunsets on the way back home to the university

Another benefit is the amazing blossoming trees and flowers all around campus that just make the walk to class that much better. It really is a pleasure to the usually sleep-deprived student’s eye haha!

Spring blossoms on campus

My plans for the summer

During the summer, I plan to visit the beaches in Ireland and also visit the various places I haven’t gone to yet. But mainly the beaches with my friends!

I really am looking forward to that as it will be so nostalgic and remind me of my home. And also, it’s going to be an awesome experience haha! Hopefully, I’ll get to write about my trips in future blog posts.

So here’s to all the students, who will probably be really drained and tired after their May final exams (I know I will be). Let’s all hope we have a wonderful sunshine-filled summer with trips to new places, plenty of outdoor time and fun activities! Or you know, you could sit at home, cuddle up in bed and watch T.V. serials, like, I don’t know  – ‘Game of Thrones’ maybe?! That sounds pretty awesome too. Okay, clearly I’m way too excited for season 6 haha!

So to all the students out there, best of luck for your exams and have an amazing summer vacation!