The End of My US Adventure

Callie Lane
Callie Lane
Callie Lane, a student from Flinders University in Australia, blogs about her marketing internship in USA's Boston.

Hi everyone,

I am back in sunny Adelaide after my big adventure in the United States. I spent the last leg of my trip in San Francisco which was just amazing. Even though it was only around 12 degrees Celsius, it felt like summer compared to snowy Boston and New York.

The flight was long and boring but I didn’t waste any time after my arrival. I started exploring my surroundings as soon as I dropped my luggage off at my accommodation.

I could tell right away from the numerous shops that San Francisco was going to be a very dangerous place for my credit card.

The next morning I discovered how to use San Francisco’s subway system and found it quite modern and efficient. It is very easy to work out for a newcomer. Everything in San Francisco is in close proximity; however, there are very steep hills and it is a struggle walking around. I was able to visit the tourist sites; I walked through Chinatown, drove down the curvy Lombard Street, wandered through Fisherman’s Wharf and was in awe crossing the huge Golden Gate Bridge.

There are plenty of interesting sights and characters to see in the Bay Area that’s for sure.

During my visit here, I was fortunate to be able to visit some Australian students from La Trobe University and UniSA who were nearing the end of their internships there.

They all had great feedback on the programme and had extremely enjoyed their time there. They all came together during the programme and have developed friendships that will continue after they return home.

Being located in northern California is also a great opportunity to see more of the US.

Students went skiing one weekend at Lake Tahoe, visited Napa Valley, went to Disneyland and even to Las Vegas and New York.

A couple of the students have been lucky enough to secure a job back home already.

They were confident that the practical experience they have received from the internship will assist them with their performance in their new roles.

This programme also allows students to gain insight into their industry of choice. That may make them realise that it’s not a career they want to pursue, or maybe they’ve chosen an internship in an industry that is new to them and have discovered that this is what they would like to make a career of.

Whatever career path you want to pursue, receiving practical experience in a city like New York, San Francisco or Boston is invaluable.

If you are a Flinders University student and are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please contact the International Office to find out how to apply.

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