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My Last Week Working in Boston

Callie Lane
Callie Lane
Callie Lane, a student from Flinders University in Australia, blogs about her marketing internship in USA's Boston.

Hi all,

I think I have finally recovered from the busy few days in New York City and have been enjoying my last week in snowy Boston.

My colleagues have been really kind and they’ve taken me to the Beanpot Championships to see my first ice hockey game.

I was able to see Boston College, Harvard University, Boston University and Northeastern University play against each other. To be honest, I was very impressed with the spirit of their supporters!

Before leaving for San Francisco, my colleagues discovered a new café called KO Catering & Pies which makes meat pies.

They had never heard of a meat pie so were also keen to try it. They all enjoyed the pies and also enjoyed trying lamingtons and sticky date pudding. It was great food and made me a little bit homesick.

After finishing off my duties with the EUSA Boston office I was very sad to leave.

They had been a great team to work with and treated me like a full-time employee. I was able to work on real projects and was given responsibilities in areas of interest to me. I have learnt so much whilst working with them and I will be able to apply these duties to my career back in Adelaide.

Gaining experience in a US working culture has been valuable in learning to adapt to new situations; I’m positive it is something that will assist me in the future.

I am sad to be leaving beautiful Boston, however, I am looking forward to some warmer weather, so San Francisco here I come!

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