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Adjusting to Life in Australia

Nugroho Kristianto
Nugroho Kristianto
Indonesian student of Business Nugruho Kristianto describes his path from Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia to Flinders University in Australia.

Hi, everyone! My name is Nugroho Kristianto. My friends here in Adelaide call me Kris.

I am an exchange student from Indonesia. In Indonesia, I study at the Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, majoring in Industrial Engineering.

Here at Flinders University, I will be doing the Business Programme. This is because in Industrial Engineering it is good to learn some subjects from management or business field.

As I write this post, I am in my second week in Adelaide.

It’s still fresh in my mind how my family and my best friends took me to the airport. It is so hard to leave my family and my friends.

The first week was really hard for me. Back in Indonesia, I live in a boarding house so I have experienced feeling homesick from my family before.

Since arriving in Australia I have found the hardest part is to be far away from my best friends that usually live with me at the boarding house and go everywhere with me. I miss them very much since my first night in Adelaide but am looking forward to making new friends at Flinders. At the moment it is winter in Adelaide so it is quite cold and perhaps that didn’t help with my homesickness.

But, as time passes, things have gotten better and better.

In the second week, I have attended the International Student Support Services orientation sessions at Flinders University which has helped me to settle in a lot.

It really has helped me find new friends to chat with and introduced me to my new university. English has never been my usual preferred language of communication, so using it in the daily conversations has been pretty challenging. As for the cold weather, I think I have got used to it (although it should get warmer soon as Spring approaches!)

It is now still the holiday season for university students in Adelaide, so I have quite a lot of free time.

Along with my housemates, I’ve visited Chinatown, Glenelg, Marion, and Rundle Mall.

And in summary after those trips, I think I love Adelaide. It is a nice, clean, and peaceful city. In this second week, I have tried my best to get used to the new lifestyle, such as bus routes and the food, which is quite different from my home in Indonesia.

I almost forget to mention! I love the campus at Flinders University.

Especially the library, café, and the gym (I am planning to use the gym later on). And it also has a beautiful view which stretches to Adelaide’s CBD and beaches, because the campus is built in a hill.

In short, it has been unforgettable weeks for me. And I start to enjoy it here. I just cannot wait until next week when the semester will begin. Speak to you all then!