LatestThe Colombian, the Cowboy and the Wild Montana Sky

The Colombian, the Cowboy and the Wild Montana Sky

Maria Isabel Bonilla Uribe
Maria Isabel Bonilla Uribe
Isa has left her home in Colombia to study Equestrian Studies at Rocky Mountain College in the USA. When she’s not studying she likes reading, dancing, traveling and many other creative activities.

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by 😉 My name is Maria Isabel Bonilla Uribe, but people around here call me “Isa” (It’s easier to pronounce, lol!). I come from Cali, the third largest city in Colombia.

Cali is a city known for its salsa dancing, its colourful culture and the happiness of its people.  I’ve visited the U.S many times before, but now that I live here as a college student, well, that’s a whole different ball game!

Rocky Mountain College

I’m currently studying at Rocky Mountain College, in Billings, Montana.

Billings is the largest city in the State, and I love it because it has both the cosmopolitan “feel” of a large city but you can experience the “Wild West” vibe only a few minutes away from the urban area.

If you’re into steak and good beer, this is definitively the place to be, so I consider myself one very lucky, carnivorous, brew-loving gal! There are also museums and plenty of art galleries, most of them feature Native-America art, which I find breath-taking!


Living in such a rugged, wild place like Montana has made me realise how much of a city-slicker I am, especially during their harsh winters.

But there’s nothing that 6 layers of under-armour, fleece and down feathers can’t fix!


Even at its coldest, Montana is a breathtaking place; from it’s sparkling snow-capped mountains in the winter to the endless flower fields in the summer.

There is just so much natural beauty around you! And Yellowstone Park and Glacier National Park are only a few hours away. If you’re into outdoor activities Montana is certainly the place for you.

I just love it here, surrounded by Wild Montana Skies.