Something About Me

Anabella Rojas
Anabella Rojas
Venezuelan student of International Business, Anabella Rojas is a member of the Global Ambassador programme at DePaul University.

My name is Anabella Rojas and I am currently a sophomore international student at DePaul University.

I am originally from Venezuela and came to the US to pursue a career in Business Marketing and International Business.

I am also a member of the Global Ambassador Program at DePaul University; as ambassadors, we are committed to help prospective international students in their application process and also contact college counsellors and other institutions to recruit more international students.

I love travelling, learning about other cultures and also languages. I have been learning French and Italian and I hope to speak them flawlessly before I turn 23.

Some of my hobbies are jogging (when the weather is nice), going to the gym and dancing.

I also participate in other student organisations such as MAHA (Midwest Association of Hispanic Accountants), “The Lab” break dancing and hip-hop club, and recently joined the UNICEF chapter at DePaul.Drawing of Caracas, Venezuela

Gap Year: from Venezuela to Italy

I graduated from High School in Venezuela in 2008 and afterwards I decided to take a gap year. I wanted to figure out what I really wanted to study.

During that year I attended St. Stephen’s School, an international boarding school located in Rome (Italy), where I took IB courses, Italian and French classes, and most importantly where I decided to apply to American colleges.

The American Higher Education System

Originally I wanted to study international relations and law in Venezuela; however, taking that gap year opened my world and made me realize that I wasn’t bound to remain in Venezuela and that studying college away from home was indeed the best option for me.

I love my country, all my family and friends are there, my life is there; however, I wouldn’t be able to receive the type of education I wanted if I’d stayed there.

The American higher education system is highly recognised worldwide, not only due to the academic curriculum, but also due to the endless opportunities that colleges in the US offer to their students; the internship programmes, on-campus jobs, clubs and organisations, honours programmes and scholarships are some of the aspects that characterise the higher education system in the US from those in other countries.

Going to college is more than taking classes; it is a life changing experience, an opportunity for professional and personal growth.

Chicago drawing

Studying at DePaul University and Living in Chicago

Looking back I am certain that I made the right decision, especially because I enjoy living in Chicago so much; after all, I am a city girl and think I always will be.

I chose DePaul because of its amazing location, great business programme and its strong sense of community.

DePaul welcomes students from all kinds of backgrounds, traditions and beliefs into its community and encourages them to get involved.

I personally love that about our school, especially because being involved in student organisations is a key part of one’s college experience; it is a great opportunity to make friends while making a valuable contribution to the DePaul community.