My Favourite Professor

Tai Ekundayo
Tai Ekundayo
Tai is a mature student studying Radiology at Fulton Montgomery Community College in the US. He’s travelled from Nigeria via the UK to find himself in the US. His story is moving and inspirational.

My favourite professor at FMCC is Radiologic Technology Assistant Professor Karlyn LaBate.

She is an awesome teacher with very vast knowledge and a sound understanding of the subjects she teaches. Always well prepared for her classes, she uses a variety of methods to teach that gives the student a good understanding.

She makes a great effort to get to know and understand each student individually and address their needs adequately.

Somehow, she also creates time in her busy schedule for extra lessons to help students who are struggling.


What I like most about Mrs LaBate is that she is patient, kind, compassionate, and caring; but she is also firm, assertive, and takes control of her classroom.

She cares about the success of each student in her class and goes out of her way and beyond her call of duty to help, encourage, and inspire students to do better.


Furthermore, Mrs LaBate listens to her students, she is fair and gives great advice on how to juggle school work and home responsibilities. She provides us with tips for unique experiences, encourages students to apply and join professional associations, attend educational sessions and network with other people in the medical field

Basically, she pushes us to do things she believes will help to position her students for future success.


She is tirelessly looking for ways to give her students the chance for success when a regular teacher would have given up!

Mrs LaBate and Mrs Close, the director of the Radiologic Technology programme, are our advocates at the clinical sites and they make sure we get the best practical training to equip us in our chosen profession.

Watch out for my next blog; I’m going to tell you all about my international students’ scholarship award from an organization called Radiologists Without Borders (RWB).

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