Living in America

Daniel Sulen
Daniel Sulen
Management student Daniel Sulen shares the story of his journey from Norway to DePaul's University in the USA.

Hi there and thank you for stopping by my very first blog post here at i-studentglobal.

My name is Daniel Sulen and I am a senior studying Management at DePaul University in Chicago. This year I will be blogging about my life as an international student studying in the magnificent city of Chicago in the USA.

I was born in Norway and lived there for the first twenty-one years of my life. My hometown is Bergen, located on the west coast of Norway. It is a relatively small city of roughly 250,000 people.

The city is generally known for being the rainiest city and its people, the ‘Bergensere’, the loudest and most extroverted. To reference the rain aspect of Bergen, it is the twin city of Seattle. After graduating from high school, I went on to join the Royal Norwegian Coast Guard. Living aboard a more than 300 feet long ship was an incredible experience. I will always be grateful for the adventures I encountered off the shore of Norway. It was the perfect way of getting to know the coastal side and to appreciate its nature and climate.

Growing up in a little country with a population of less than five million, I always knew that I wanted to expand my horizon and explore the world.

After I finished my military service with the Coast Guard, I started to work. My goal was to save up some money in order to explore the world.

I had spent a significant amount of my time offshore researching schools around the world. However, what really caught my eye was an article in my local newspaper about a group of people studying on the beaches of Thailand. It did not take me very long before my application had been completed, sent and approved. Next thing I know, I was heading to Thailand.

Studying in Thailand was a great experience. I got to visit a variety of countries and see a lot of what South East Asia has to offer.

However, what sparked my interest in the USA was the greater variety of programmes, internship opportunities, and in general a better education. I started studying in Saint Louis. However, I soon realised that the city is not very accommodating to international students in terms of public transportation and mobility. So I started to look around for a bigger city and a better school. My eyes eventually landed in Chicago and DePaul University. Since that day, I have not once looked back or regretted the switch.

Chicago is such a great city! It offers a great variety of different things to do and see, and in the heart of it lies DePaul University.

As a management major, my vision is to one day manage across borders in a position that allows me to keep on travelling, seeing the world and all of its different cultures. So please do join me as I will be blogging about my life as an international student in the city of Chicago and my path towards achieving my goals.