Flinders Photography Club

Becoming part of a club is a great way to meet new people, pursue a new or existing area of interest and immerse yourself in university life.

One of the clubs I swore I was going to join when I first arrived at Flinders was the Photography Club. Well, that didn’t happen because sadly there wasn’t actually an up and running photography club to join upon my arrival. After one semester of attending other clubs, it came across my mind that I should start up one myself!

I know that there are a lot of ‘homeless’ photo enthusiasts like me out there that would love to join.

The good thing about Flinders University is that you can form your own club provided you have ten students that are willing to join it.

So I got my MacBook and started sending emails and Facebook messages to everyone I thought may be interested.

I got in contact with the previous photography club that was no longer functioning and POOF!

I created the Flinders Photography Club!

Flinders student clubs receive support from Flinders One – which delivers many important services to Flinders University students. Due to this support, we get access to amazing facilities such as the shared club hub and of course the assistance of the Flinders One team.

After an actual get together over afternoon tea, the club decided to meet the following week and test out all our equipment.

We decided to do some outdoor photography at the Flinders Gully.

If you don’t know where the gully is, it’s just below the bridge you cross every day at Flinders! We were fortunate enough to have lady luck shining on us with the good weather and plenty of sunlight coming through the trees.

We were awed by the flora and fauna spotted there. Apparently, it was mushroom season. There were heaps of wild mushrooms that we took close up macro shots and they looked amazing. It’s quite surprising what we have in our backyard! Well, if you live in the on-campus accommodation, the gully is theoretically your backyard.

After the outdoor shoot, we headed back to the community centre where we booked a tutorial room for an indoor studio shoot.

We were lucky enough to have a student model from Lithuania. Okay, I admit I don’t know where that was at first. It’s actually a smaller country in Europe and they speak Lithuanian! Enlightening aside, Ernestas, (pronounced- er-nest-thas) the model for the day worked it like a top model. I’m glad we had experienced photographers and people with actual studio equipment that made it happen. None of us were professionals but we tried to act like Mario Testino that day. It was all good fun!

The Photography Club is going for an outdoor fashion shoot in September to Victor Harbour!

Await the Vogue spreads people!