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Hi! My Name Is…

Ginta Karnil
Ginta originates from Lithuania. She’s now studying Human Resource Management at the University of Chichester and when she’s not doing that you’ll find her with her cats or shopping.

Time for introductions! Some say they’re super important and that making a great first impression is vital and could make or break your social interactions. I don’t completely agree with this since it’s kinda silly to judge people in the first 7 seconds of meeting them!

Some say… well, they don’t say much; they keep it short and concise with “Hi, I’m Jon/Stacey/Tom/etc.” Well, I better give this my best shot, so you can get to know me.


So hi! 🙂 My name is Ginta, I’m 22 and I am a final year Human Resource Management student at the University of Chichester.


After moving from Lithuania to the UK nearly 8 years ago, I now live in a tiny seafront town called Littlehampton (yeah, it’s quite small) which is located not too far away from the Bognor Regis Campus where my course lectures take place.

I live at home with my family and two cats whose photos find their way into my social media sites way too often…

When I’m not too busy photographing the cats, studying or working at my part-time job (yes, it’s possible to combine all) I love to spend time with my friends and family, to wine and dine and what not…

But most of all I love shopping – whether I am feeling down, or happy, or stressed with the assignment workload – shopping makes it all better!


Maybe because of the need to keep my shopping habits unrestrained or perhaps because of the fear of homesickness I have deliberately chosen to go to a university close to home.

And to be honest it did help me avoid the debts and the stresses associated with a typical student lifestyle.

I know that some young people wish to move as far away as possible from home to experience ‘the real’ student living: the lack of parents all-seeing eye, the notorious student parties and, of course, the independence and freedom of being able to make your own decisions and handle life like a ‘grown-up’.

However, I don’t regret my choice of staying at home. I am glad to be able to say that my student experience at the University of Chichester has been a combination of typical student lifestyle with the added comfort of living in my own home and sleeping in my own bed and basically many other ‘my own’ things too…

Being a student at the University of Chichester has been an exciting journey for me in which I have learnt a lot and met some great people I now call my friends.

There’s a lot more I could talk about, but I guess I’d rather share more in my upcoming blogs about my student experience.

Ciao! x