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Loving Thoughts from Denmark

Juliane Lykke
Juliane Lykke
Juliane has left her native Denmark to study at the University of Otago in New Zealand. When she’s not studying she loves adventures, socialising and baking healthy treats.

Oh yes!  A package from back home!!

I’ll tell you, I was so happy when I today signed for a large package from Denmark. No matter what the package contained I was so glad to hear from my family.

My sweet and beloved mother had packed some goods for my creative side, some necessary practical items (underwear and make-up) plus a small letter and a picture of herself, my dad and my youngest sister.


Even though my mother was sorry that she couldn’t send some quite missed products from Denmark due to some import rules in New Zealand, I was still very happy for my package.

Thank you very much, dear mother! You really know me well and I have already used and tried some of the drawing materials. They’re so good!

By the way, the package also contained 3 DVDs as you can see in the picture. You might not recognize the movies because they are Danish.

I have a weakness for old Danish movies and when I miss home I sometimes miss items I connect to Denmark and my childhood!

That’s why my cute little sister has made sure I will be able to watch Familien Gyldenkål even though I am on the other side of the world.

Actually, as bonus information, I can tell you it is possible to borrow Danish movies and books in New Zealand if you are lucky. ‘En kongelig Affære’ is for example available at the central library,together with Jakob Ejsbo’s books Eksil and Revolutionen but in English, of course.

Denmark isn’t that far away but I know for sure that old Danish movies are something you will not find in New Zealand.


However, I have found out that some things just are too common to me that I almost can’t live without them.

Of course, it is possible but I have realised that I miss small and sometimes stupid things because I am too used to them in Denmark and maybe took them for granted when they were available everywhere.

The food I miss must continue to be in my thoughts and I have to wait to get it until I am back in Denmark.

But at least I have some old Danish movies and a picture of my family (a small part of it) with me now in New Zealand.