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Kiwi Foods I Love

Hannah Wentworth
Hannah Wentworth
Welcome our new blogger Hannah Wentworth to i-STUDENTglobal. An Agriculture student at Pennsylvania State University, she’s currently taking a year out to study at Lincoln University.

Going over to your mate’s flat for tea? (translation: your friend’s apartment for dinner).

I haven’t mastered the kiwi accent yet but I have enjoyed trying some new and unfamiliar foods in New Zealand.  This post highlights a few of them.

I LOVE L&P soda! Sort of like a lemonade sprite


Fish & chips: common all over NZ!


Muesli AKA granola


Meat pies! They’re everywhere!


My favourite is mince & cheese!


Hokey Pokey flavour ice cream – vanilla with clumps of honeycomb toffee


Feijoas or ‘pineapple guava’


Similar to Ovaltine


An irresistible biscuit (cookie)


A unique and tasty lolly


My attempt at making a pavlova was rather successful!


Personally, I haven’t acquired the taste for this yeast spread yet!

Interesting fact about Marmite is that this past November the one and only factory that produced Marmite which is located in Christchurch was closed from earthquake damage.  New Zealand is currently in a shortage for this yeast spread.  There was a hurry of New Zealanders to buy the last jar off the grocery store shelves.  Now they can only wait until the factory is processing again.

Other foods commonly found in New Zealand:
Kumara (sweet potatoes)
Green shelled mussels

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