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Back to New Zealand!

Rose Jin
Rose Jin
Rose is a Chinese student of Geography at Victoria University of Wellington and one of our longest-serving bloggers.

Hey, guys, hope you are all well!

I came back to New Zealand two weeks ago to do my final course for the degree, yay! Having never been to NZ in January before,  I can really feel the summer here. I am lucky I wasn’t here on Christmas day because my friends told me that it was around 32 degrees at Christmas. Honestly, I do not think I can survive in that sort of weather! I know China’s summer is hotter than that, but I think now for me, any temperature above 25 degrees is too much for me.

Chinese student, Rose Jin, in Wellington, New Zealand

The first thing I realised when I came back is how quickly time passed.

I saw some pics online and experienced in real life that a lot of babies have been born. Maybe here they like the year of the dragon as well? Some other babies have grown up so fast! Last time I saw them they were little but not anymore. In China, those babies would call me auntie, but am I really that old to be called auntie? Lol.

Chinese student, Rose Jin, with her visitor from Beijing University

A big surprise for me during those two weeks was my lovely buddy who came all the way from Beijing University.

There are around 20 of them coming from Beijing University for a summer camp where I volunteer. I met my buddy just a week ago and I think we have really similar characters, so we talked a lot.

The bit that is most surprising is the big difference from Beijing University to Victoria University, they have so much more pressure than us here. No wonder my parents said I look younger than ever, even though I am actually older. We went to have a lovely Indian dinner the other night!

Chinese blogger, Rose Jin, and her friend from Beijing University went for an indian meal

I went to the botanic gardens this weekend, it is just beautiful there. Below are some pics. Of course, my favourite part was the rose garden.

Rose Jin's favourite part of the Wellington botanical garden is the rose garden

I am really looking forward to the field trip that will take place from 4-9 Feb. I will keep you guys posted on that. As for the course I am taking, I am also super excited because my goal is to get into a master’s next year. I must study hard this year. Haha!

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