Who Am I and Where Am I from?


My full name is Jubin Raj Pareek but all my life I have been called “Zubin”.  I am doing a Masters Degree in IT Management at Maynooth University.

I am a confident and humble young lad from the northwestern part of India which is known as Rajasthan. The name of my state means the Land of Kings and Royals. It has a glorious past and has had a big historic influence in Indian history. It is a desert land with loads of old castles and forts which makes it very special in its own right.


I completed my school education in a military school and then did my computer engineering in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan.

I worked for a couple of years there and then came to Ireland chasing my dream.

Now I am an International Student Ambassador here and I am loving it.

I love riding motorbikes, listening to music and hanging out with my large group of friends.  My hobbies are shooting, swimming, boxing and watching movies.


The Question of Why??

A lot of people from different countries ask me why I chose Ireland from all the countries in the world.

I just simply say it was my childhood dream and everyone seems to be satisfied with this answer but, to be honest, it is not the truth.

Its history, old castles, welcoming culture and religious people make you feel like you are back home.

When you walk towards the Maynooth National University you’ll find

  • Rocky walls on both sides of the road
  • A beautiful bridge over a beautiful canal with ducks
  • Colourful flowers
  • The sun playing hide and seek with the clouds
  • An old castle standing with the legacy of NUIM

It makes you speechless. You will want to stop for a while and there will be an answer in your heart as to why you came here.

Today Ireland being Europe’s  IT and Pharmaceutical Hub opens a huge amount of career opportunities which makes this place ideal for a student who has a dream of a beautiful life ahead.