My Wednesday


Scrrreechhhhh!!”£$%^&………………………………the screeching voice of my alarm!! Especially as it’s my old Blackberry, it can wake up a dead fella!!  With its intense sound, your brain will be back in regular action and will start working actively in a mere second. Well clearly I was awake after the alarm trauma and I realised that it’s Wednesday morning.

An Awesome Day.

I know it’s weird and it’s just not because I’m Indian. It’s just the things I have to do on this specific day.


I’ve just remembered all I have to do today:

  1. Walk the beautiful pathways of Maynooth
  2. Lecture (9 to 5) (Trust me they are always interesting)
  3. Volleyball (only a warm up and two straight hours of play, no training)
  4. Get ready (take the sweat off and eat rubbish to fill your belly)
  5. PARTYYY!! (Don’t know when it ends…What’s after that ?)

Work and Play

So my schedule was ready and in a wink, I was off to the Glen Royal Hotel ….yeah right my classes take place at a 3-star hotel.

On your way, you can look at the amazing beauty of the country which can make you realise why it is so important to be alive and all these things can make you feel alive. Some of these sights are so breathtaking that you forget about everything and just want to take a break.


The professor today will be Dr Stephen McLaughlin. An awesome subject and an awesome professor, its all about innovation and agility. The professor is a senior researcher in IVI which is a research facility in Ireland. To be honest, lectures are not always interesting and everyone knows that at some point in time you will feel like sleeping or, if you are clever enough, you can even do that with open eyes.

Whenever I am here I don’t feel like sleeping because of certain reasons… case studies, discussions, arguments and real-life examples all of which make it super interesting for me. Especially when you are in a class of twelve people among which only four of you are less than 32 and not working. I am 25 and I am the youngest. Some are VP’s in some of the biggest firms in the world and are as intelligent as hell. Time here goes by like a snap arguing, discussing and learning from everything.

I twist my wrist and glance at my watch.  It’s time to go home and after the long discussions of our group projects, we are off.

Once again I see something that makes me fall in love with this country and I take another photo. When Tesco gives you unlimited data and a great camera phone …You have to!

So I reach home …take a power nap ….eat …fight with the house owner; I swear at him for 15 minutes but we become friends again and have a cranky 45 minutes of PlayStation which was not in the schedule.

Volleyball time

However, I realise that I have to leave so in a second I am off to volleyball and it’s dark so no pictures. But the people and kids on the footpath make you feel alive and you love everything you see. Especially when Irish people say “how r ya” in a microsecond and pass by.

Suddenly I hear a friendly voice ‘What’s the craic!!’ He’s a friend from the club so we go together and start our game. We have a mixed team on both sides and trust me it makes it more fun.

On Wednesdays, we play without any rules and just to have fun. People like me and two of my other friends can even dance on the court just to celebrate. All kinds of weird things which can make you really sweaty and smelly like you are carrying a little fish market on your own. We don’t care who is winning or losing. The only thing we care about is just to play and be happy. Well, apart from making fun of my friend and serving like a pro which can make the opponent team miserable after two hours. I decided to head back home.


Brady’s Night

I reach home in 15 Minutes and do all my stuff in just 30 minutes which includes taking a shower, getting ready and eating like a hungry hyena and boom!! I am off to Brady’s Clock House, a local nightclub.

It’s Brady’s Night and we are all as ready as hell!! It is like a pay off for the entire week or you could say that all the essays and lectures are telling us to go!! Have fun … Live your life.

We are on the verge of getting drunk before entering Brady’s and then I realise how happy I am at that moment!! I look around myself and I can only see all my friends in the exact same mood and with cracking smiles. That’s what Ireland is all about.

With those flashing lights inside and the smell of different fragrances, you can only be happy and satisfied with what you have. Nobody there wants anything more at that point of time, no greed; only you, your friends and a hell of a lot of things to do. Every time you turn your face somewhere you see someone new and beautiful looking at you with a smiling face and that, my friends, is what I call a Wednesday!!