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International students researching their options for study are faced with numerous – often confusing – options and factors to consider. Do I want to live in the Atlantic provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, or would I be more suited to the bustling Ontario with a third of Canada’s population resident in the culturally diverse city? Do I want to study in a student town, or a more rural area to get closer to nature?

Now you’ve chosen Canada, i-STUDENTglobal and UniAdvisor have come together to help answer such questions, and ensure that the process of choosing a path for study is smoother and more intuitive for students, parents and counsellors alike.

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Using the hard data gathered by UniAdvisor from real alumni, alongside the suggestions, advice and articles of i-STUDENTglobal, you can decide whether a particular Canadian institution is right for you. We firmly believe that the best decisions should be informed by an understanding of the costs and benefits of different institutions, as well as the reality of study by people who once stood where you do now – at the beginning of their journey to success. So, why wait? Make your dream a plan…Take your next step below and begin your journey today.