Thu’s Victoria University Wellington

Thu’s Victoria University Wellington

Some special friends and teachers

I had some good friends during my time at the University including the 2 best friends who I still keep a good relationship with, even though we are from different countries and now living far away from each other. I had some favourite lecturers such as a professor in Management who, even years later, still connects with me on LinkedIn. One of my lecturers in Arts Marketing helped me a lot with my Museum Project to contribute to the Fine Arts Museum in my city. In addition, my former Vice-Chancellor was also special to me as he was really friendly and nice to Vietnamese students like me. During special occasions such as Easter, his family always hosted a dinner to invite a group of Vietnamese students like me to his house to enjoy a great time with his wife and children. What unforgettable moments with that lovely family! Through him and his family, I learnt a lot about NZ’s life and got exposure to NZ’s culture. 

My first paid job was participating in the promotion video of my university.  I had other temporary, seasonal jobs during school holidays. Although not permanent jobs, they taught me the lesson of hard work and how it felt to earn the very first income, team work, and much more.

In addition, I did some voluntary work; I joined the Commerce Community Activity and also a Catholic group of my university despite the fact that I had no religion.

What did I achieve at VUW?

Firstly, I gained a good, internationally recognised qualification which expanded my opportunities when I returned to Vietnam

But almost as important, my time at VUW taught me Independence, gave me much more self-confidence and helped me to develop great networks.

From a Bachelor Degree to a Masters

My degree at VUW definitely helped me a lot when it came to doing my masters. Studying in an international environment like VUW helped me to gain the knowledge and skills (including the language skills)  needed to study at a higher level. I had also got used to the studying style in an academically  international environment – a style which was very different to the way things were done in my home country. I also know how to cope with the pressures of uni work and feel comfortable and confident living in a different culture.

Top 5 things I loved about VUW

    • My beautiful Campus
    • The uni facilities (for example, the library with wonderful views)
    • Lecturers and friends 
    • Support services for international students
    • Communities at the university for extra curriculum

Top 5 things I loved about New Zealand

    • Landscapes
    • Safety and peace
    • Nice environment and people
    • Culture
    • Nature